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Food, clothing and shelter are basic needs necessary to survival. Social programs help people to meet these needs, especially during times of personal hardship, by providing financial and employment assistance, material goods, emergency shelter and affordable housing. Additional social supports such as public education, skills training and advocacy help people to build better lives for themselves and their families.

See also Information Services.

Trang web đánh bạc trực tuyếnAdult Literacy and Basic Skills
Adult Literacy and Basic Skills for Indigenous Peoples
Advocacy and Social Action for Indigenous Peoples
Affordable Housing
Budget and Debt Counselling
Clothing and Household Items
Community Food Programs
Counselling - Family, Couple, Individual
Employment Assistance
Employment Assistance for Indigenous Peoples
Employment Assistance for People with Disabilities
Employment Assistance for Youth
English/French as a Second Language (ESL/FSL) Training Programs
Ethnocultural Groups
Financial Assistance
Financial Assistance for Children and Families
Financial Assistance for People with Disabilities
Financial Assistance for Rent and Utilities
Financial Assistance for Seniors
Food Banks
Francophone Community
Hospitality Meals
Housing Referral and Rights
Immigrant, Newcomer and Refugee Services
Low-Income Support Services
Personal Identification, Certificates and Licences
Public Transportation
Shelters and Drop-in Centres for Adults
Shelters and Drop-in Centres for Youth
Shelters, Transitional Housing and Drop-in Centres for Women
Social Action Groups
Street Outreach
Volunteer Referral Networks
Stroke Resources Toronto Central Behavioural Supports Caregiver Exchange Mental Health At School Newcomer Child and Family Health Libraries